Cat Planet Cuties, a Japanese light novel about Cats

cat planet cuties

Cat Planet Cuties: cats in a Japanese story

Or at least so it seems. The original title of Cat Planet Cuties is Asobi ni Iku yo!, which literally translated means “Let’s go Play!”. The series tells the story about alien cats coming to the Earth to learn more about their inhabitants. Or, in words of Eris, the main character, to play.

About the series

The Cat Planet Cuties series consists of 20 volumes published by Media Factory from October 25, 2003, to February 25, 2015. The series belong to the genre of romantic comedy, harem, and science fiction.

An anime adaptation premiered on July 10, 2010. The English title of this anime was Asobi ni Ikuyo: Bombshells from the Sky.

Plot of Cat Planet Cuties

The story centers on Kio Kakazu, a sophisticated and kindhearted guy who is developing a rather dull life. But this is all about to change when one morning he wakes up next to a half-naked cute alien with cat ears and a tail name Eris. She explains to him that she is a Catian (an alien race) that has come to Earth to learn more about their inhabitants.

But some alien fanatics and mysterious organizations develop a dark interest on Eris, which makes Kio Kakazu take to himself to protecting her. But the question is if he has what it takes to do so, especially given that Kio’s friends turn out to be part of such organizations.

The Factions

The show depicts several alien and Earth (actual) groups or factions.

  • Catia is an alien race that looks like humans except they have cat ears and tails. They undergo mating season at age 16. Eris wants Kio to be her mate, despite them having stimulus devices to satisfy their desires to procreate.
  • Dogisia is an alien race that also looks like humans but has dog ears and tail. They arrived Earth before Catians and want to prevent any connection between Catians and Earth.
  • Orsonians are a highly evolved alien society that oversee interactions between other species. They have placed an embargo on Dogisia, making their interaction with Earth an illegal one.
  • Beautiful Contact is a terrorist group seeking to get rid of Eris before she goes public. When this happens and more Catians go public, the organization´s purpose is no longer valid.
  • Undeside of Kitten Paws are a worldwide cult that worships cat ears and cat tails. They consider Eris to be their Savior and Goddess.

The main characters

  • Kio Kakazu is a 16-year-old boy with a deep sense of justice and a kind heart. He protects Eris and knows how to handle firearms.
  • Eris is a 16-year-old Catian scout exploring Earth.
  • Aoi Futaba is a former agent of the Immigration Bureau of Japan. She has the ability to teleport objects lying within 50m of her.
  • Manani Kinjou is a tomboy friend and Kio’s neighbour. She has a love interest for Kio.

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