Cat Power: Amazing abilities your cat can do

cat power

Cat Power: your cat vs you

Definitively, if we could perform all the things a cat can, we would be superheroes. We wonder why no one has thought of creating such human in fiction. Or have they…? Having a cat power would essentially make us super humans. Let´s take a look at some of the amazing things cats can do and we, humans (or, their servants) cannot.

Fast speed

This cat power might not seem like a big deal. However, if we could run as fast as a cat, we would had been able to make our way out of the house faster than mom could ask where are we going. Domestic cats can run at up to 30 miles per hour. This is faster than Usain Bolt, which stands at a puny 23 mph.

High jump

Cats are able to jump heights of up to 5 times their height on hind feet. Assuming you are in average 6 ft tall, that would be 30 ft. This means you could leap to your girlfriend’s window bypassing parents in the living room!

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Peripheral vision

We, humans, have a frontal vision and we can only focus on one thing. Our peripheral vision is around 180 degrees. Compare that to a cat´s which is about 278 degrees. These eyes are set on almost everything. Do you imagine this cat power on your teacher?
You probably know this, but a cat only needs 1/6 of the amount of light that we need to see in the dark.

Super hearing

Cats have the ability to hear more high-pitched sounds than dogs. This system allows them to locate, with a precision of 3 inches, a sound made three feet away.

Super smell

Again, you think dogs have a great sense of smell. The average domestic cat can detect smells better than most dog breeds. They have about 200 million olfactory nerves. Humans are around 5 million of those.

They are psychics

Some people claim that their cats can sense when you are in pain, with a disease, or sad. That is one cool cat power that many men would find very useful to try on their couple. Don´t take our word for it but there are reports of cats who were even able to predict when someone was going to die! Now, that is one power most of us would love to have. Or maybe not.

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