Cat Sounds, do you know what they mean?

cat sounds

Cat Sounds and what they mean

Cats cannot talk to you but that does not mean they cannot communicate with you. The fact that you are able to tell what your cat is trying to tell you every time he “talks” is a good sign that you are a dedicated owner. When it comes to cat sounds, many times it is important that you know what your feline is trying to tell you.

As a matter of fact, cats can produce up to 100 different vocalizations that mix and show us how expressive these little guys are. Today, we will try to help you identify some of those sounds your cat makes and what they mean.


This is the most popular of cat sounds. Kittens meow a lot to communicate their mother that they are in need of attention. As they grow older, they stop meowing to communicate with each other. Adult cats meow but only in the presence of humans. This is probably to relay the same message they made for their mother when kittens.


Usually, cats purr when they are happy or content. Other times, cats will purr to comfort themselves when they are injured or sick. Apparently, the frequency at which the sound is emitted is a natural healer.


The chirrup can be defined as a cross between a meow and a purr. It is thought to be a form of greeting.


Cats hiss when they are afraid or angry. It is also a signal to humans or other animals to back off or the hissing will turn into something more dangerous.


A growl is like a warning. Cats use this sound to show anger, fear, or territoriality. It is usually accompanied by a hiss.


This is like a stuttering that cats produce when they spot something they can´t reach, like a bird or a bug. It could indicate excitement or frustration.


This sound is a desperate cry of a female cat when she is in heat. Is a way of shouting out that she is in desire of a tomcat to please her kitten-making instincts.

Beside cat sounds, cats can use other ways to let their human know how they feel. Here in Dogalize, we have plenty of resources to help you better understand your cat. Visit us to learn more.