Dog sweaters, do dogs need them during winter?

dog sweaters

Do dogs need dog sweaters in winter?

You have probably seen or even heard about dogs getting heat strokes. This happens when the temperature is so high, that the dog goes dehydrated and vomits, among other symptoms. This is because sometimes dogs are not able to control their temperature. During the winter, some people wonder if dog sweaters are appropriate for them.

Does your pet need a dog sweater?

Your dog is a mammal with a thick skin but sometimes that thickness is not the best for them. Remember that, unlike wild animals, sometimes dogs are transplanted into another weather that they are not suited for. Therefore, these dogs could benefit from a nice warm dog sweater.

The truth is that the majority of dogs would not require to wear a dog sweater, even during winter. The types of dogs that might benefit from dog sweaters are the very small breeds, toy dogs, or dogs with very short hair. If any of these is your case, then you need to consider how much chill you see your dog can withstand.

Usually, a dog sweater would help any of the above while they are outside. Besides the breed, one must consider the age of the dog. Thicker coats usually belong to adult dogs.

On the other hand, dogs with thick fur such as the Pomeranian, the Husky, or Chow Chow do not need dog sweaters during winter.

Also, consider the length of time that your dog will stay outside and what is the temperature. Normally, dogs can withstand temperatures around 45 degrees.
Very importantly, it is not necessary to wear the sweater when indoors. When no longer needed, winter clothes should be removed from the dog to prevent chafing and irritation of the skin.

Find a good dog sweater

In order to get nice dog sweaters, go to your local pet store or check online. There are many amazing designs. But, more important than the design consider the material and how warm do you wish your pet to look.

Usually, wool is not the best idea. It is pretty difficult to wash and it might make your dog itchy. Probably a combination of cotton, acrylic, and washable wool is best.

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