How about a funny dog to make your day?

How about a funny dog to make your day?

Funny dogs

One thing that we love about dogs is that they are always willing to cheer us up whenever we are sad.  A funny dog also makes a great companion. He will make you laugh and have great times.

Today, we present a gallery of funny dogs performing some unusual antics. In fact, photos and videos of this funny dog or funny cat are placed all over the internet. Enjoy this selection.

A funny dog with a wig

Who doesn´t love a nice pooch with a pretty stylish wig? Look at them, they seem to be enjoying themselves so much.

Funny faces

Sometimes, dogs appear very human-like. This must be the result of thousands of years living among us humans  But check out these dogs cracking the funniest face they can. The expression? Not important. Some of them look really mad, others look pretty happy, while other funny dog faces will melt your hearts.

Funny dog sleeping

When it comes to snoozing after a long day, we can´t really get picky. The dogs in these pictures just found the most comfortable position in the world to visit dreamland. How it is done and where is not important. We dare you not to laugh at this funny dog and his funny maneuvers.

You shall meme!

But of course, dogs have taken the meme universe towards themselves. Many times, somebody uploads a picture of their dog and Internet users take this picture and modify it to make it look like a meme. This is how we got this selection of pretty funny dog pictures.

We hope you liked our gallery. Dogs have so many special ways to entertain us and to be entertained by us. We know how much you love them and here in Dogalize we love them too. Check out all the amazing resources and information.