Ginger Cat – Some facts and myths about it

ginger cat

What is a Ginger Cat? Facts and myths

When it comes to humans, gingers are not too popular. People often ridicule and spread myths about them. But a ginger cat is a different story. People actually like them since they believe ginger cats are nice and adorable.

People also perceive ginger cats as a distinct breed. The truth is that a ginger cat refers to a color, just like white, black, or tabby.

What people believe about ginger cats

People have a perception of what cats might behave like based on their coat color. White cats are perceived as aloof and distant. As if they are pretty enough and so dignified, they do not need us. Tabby cats are perceived as being intolerant. Black cats are seen as unlucky and mysterious.

This places the ginger cat in some sort of pedestal. According to experts, this distinction, based on popular belief and with no scientific evidence, promotes breed discrimination at the moment of adoption.

Are most ginger cats male?

This is true. Genes for ginger work differently in cats than in humans. It turns out that the gene that codifies for ginger is located on the X chromosome. In order for females to be ginger, they need to have the gene in both their X chromosomes. A male becomes a ginger if he has the gene in his only X chromosome. This brings the ratio of ginger males to females to 3 to 1.

Different names, the same cat

The name is not really used in all countries the same. In the United States, an orange-colored cat is known as precisely that, an orange-colored cat. In the UK, an orange cat is known as “ginger“, “marmalade“, or even “red“.

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