Happy Birthday Cat – The best way to congratulate you

happy birthday cat

Happy Birthday Cat – The best way to congratulate you

Given that one’s birthday is the most important day of the year and that cats rule the internet, it only follows that people use a Happy Birthday cat. There are many known cat memes out there that can mashup to form the most awesome birthday card.

Let´s take a look at those cats that have been set up to celebrate their birthday. Truth be told, the cats do not seem to be happy.

Grumpy Cat as a Happy Birthday Cat

Well, Grumpy Cat can be a Birthday cat, but then, “happy“? We cannot be so sure. After all Grumpy Cat is not one known for being very expressive. Oh, but he will very gladly remind you what your birthday means: You are getting closer to dying.

The Crazy Cat Lady

If you are close to your 40s, single or widow, and love cats, you take this meme of a Tuxedo cat reminding you how close you are to becoming that Crazy Cat Lady. In your future, we see around a dozen cats cramped up in that lonely house of yours. This is what your Happy Birthday Cat is about.

Some Birthday Puns

A Happy Birthday Cat without puns is simply not complete. You must get a clawsome birthday card with the meme of any Happy B-day cat. May you live long and pawspur.

argonChemistry Cat as Happy Birthday Cat

Hum, maybe this one is not really a good idea. Chemistry was about to drop several Happy Birthday jokes, but all his good ideas Argon.

Cute little ones

You can always find templates of nice Happy Birthday ideas that involve cute little cats. They would make a very thoughtful present for cat lovers.

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