Cat toys: get your cat the most amazing ones

cat toys

Get your cat the most amazing cat toys

We have mentioned before that when you plan on bringing a cat home, you must devote some time to playing with him. Many breeds of cats are a bit independent and can have fun by themselves if you provide them with cat toys.

Now, there are cat toys that allow you to interact with your cat, which is helpful to develop a bond between you and your feline. Let us take a look at some of these.

Catnip toys

Catnip toys can come in a variety of shapes. They are filled with catnip to help attract your cat to them. These can guarantee that your cat will be entertained for hours. Make sure the cat toys you buy are safe and long-lasting.


Cats love balls and you can find them of all types. You can try with bouncy foam balls or even tennis balls. To add to the entertainment, get them balls with other accessories in them such as ropes or feathers.

Animal and object toys

Look for different animal and objects that usually come in the form of a plush filled with catnip. Other times, you can find any object with colors, feathers, and strings to lure your cat and have fun. These cat toys are as varied as they are loved by cats.

Teasers cat toys

Teasers are a must if you own a cat. You can easily sit down and have fun with your cat with a chaser or a teaser.

Chewing pleasure

When cats are teething, they also find relief by chewing on things. Provide your feline companion with a nice chewing toy. He will be very thankful to you for it.


When cats need to trim their nails, they will scratch. In fact, this toy is very important since if you do not provide them one to satisfy their scratching instinct, they will have to go to your furniture.

Toy mice

This might not really help to keep your cat´s hunting instincts sharp, but they will surely make him have fun. You can find all types of cute little mice toys in pet stores everywhere.


Cats love to get themselves in burrows. Provide them with a nice tunnel that you can either buy at the store or hand make one for them.


Puzzles are very important to mentally stimulate your cat. They come in the form of a circuit and even to have the cat eat in a more entertaining and mentally stimulating way.

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