Dog videos – Feeling blue? You need them!

dog videos

Amazing dog videos

Ah, nothing more soothing to the soul than watching the most amazing dog videos. Granted, apparently, the internet is ruled by cats. But dogs have their own thing and can bring us entertaining moments. Even stories of rescuing that can bring a tear to our eyes.

So, it doesn´t matter how you are feeling, it is always a good time to watch dog videos. Check out this selection we have prepared for you.

Dogs dancing

Dogs make great companions. They are great listeners and sometimes, even in your darkest hour they will make you crack. We dare you not to laugh with this compilation of dogs dancing with style. Cheers!

Dogs talking

Well, it turns out that not only dogs are good listeners, but they can engage in a conversation with you. We got dogs that feel parrots, repeating after you. Others will tell you how much they love to eat. Then we have those who complain about everything.

You will totally love the different voices of these dogs. Can you understand what they are saying?

Dogs singing

So you think dogs talking was cool? How about them singing!? Ha, you will not believe your eyes! Bruno Mars, step aside!

Dog videos of the top smartest

Ok, but talking and singing have nothing on the things that these dogs can do. Do you really want to be impressed? Check this out!

Pretty funny dog videos

Of course, just like we humans do all the time, dogs have the funniest fails. These dogs seem to be having lots of fun, until….bam! They are not the smartest dogs out there, but definitively the funniest. Hahaha, enjoy!

A special bonus

So this video was published recently and if you have not seen it check it out in here. This is the funniest thing you will see today! Or maybe the most horrifying?

We hope we have put a couple of smiles on your face. Now, if you want to put smiles on your dog´s face, then take a look at at all the resources we have for you here in Dogalize.