Dog Breeds: Pointer Dog, characteristics and personality

pointer dog

Let’s discover the Pointer Dog

The Pointer dog is one that honors his name. This dog originated several hundred years ago to point birds and other small game. He is an agile pet and will make a great addition to an active family.


The true origin of the Pointer dog is rather blurry. Many believe that it originated in Spain. But then, “point” was a term used to describe any type of hunting dog that pointed at the animal being hunted.

As early as 1650, Pointer Dogs were known in England. It is also thought that, in 1713, after participating in the War of the Spanish Succession, English officers brought Spanish pointers from the Spain-controlled Netherlands.

Today, the pointer is not too popular (he ranks 117 in AKC list) despite the AKC recognizing him in 1884.

Physical characteristics

The Pointer dog is a strong and solid dog. His coat is short, smooth, and dense. This coat is usually white lemon, orange, liver, or black markings. This dog is symmetric and well balanced.

Most standards agree that the perfect height for males is 25 to 28 inches and for females, 23 to 26 inches for females. Males can weigh 55 to 75 pounds while females weigh 45 to 65 pounds.


Pointer dogs make great companions. This fun-loving dog is very active and a bit independent. When hunting, he is courageous. He is very protective of his surroundings and will bark at anything out of the ordinary.

Caring for a Pointer dog

This is a very active dog that requires two hours of daily exercise. Keep in mind that this dog is very intelligent, meaning that you have to give him proper mental stimulus as well. If you do not, he will find ways to entertain himself and this will probably not make you happy.

Place him on a fenced yard. These dogs will blindly follow their nose. They know nothing about cars and they do not know how to get home after running miles away.


Early socialization is important with this breed, otherwise, they will grow shy. Being a pretty active dog designed for hunting, train him in agility and fetch games. Train him with a frisbee and walk and jump with him. Jumping is only suggested after 18 months.

Fun facts

  • Hunting instinct seems to arise at around 2 months of age.
  • The AKC recognized this breed the same year the foundation started.
  • We do not recommend this dog for a family with toddlers since he can be rambunctious.

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