Ugly Dogs: Some dogs are so ugly that they are cute

Ugly Dogs: Some dogs are so ugly that they are cute

Ugly Dogs

This is an expression that applies to some ugly dogs that are actually so ugly, that they are indeed cute. But, as a true dog lover, we do not fix on the external but we love all living creatures as they come.

There is a competition for the world’s ugliest dogs. So, while the internet floods the web with pictures of cute pups, today we honor the less fortunate looking dogs.

So, we will gracefully take a look at these photos of ugly dogs.  But then, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, isn’t it?  So, behold these beauties.

Ugly Dogs: the most famous

  • Pug

Ok, we might face some hate here but what is so cute about a pup with a muzzle so flat, it can hardly breathe? Have you heard them bark? Can you even call the sound coming from these ugly dogs a bark?

  • Affenpinscher

Is there even any grooming style that can make this hideous thing look any pretty? Well, at least you can try.

  • Crestoxie

Ok, does this look adorable at all? He might look a bit soft, but then that is the most approachable thing to cute in this one.

  • Japanese Chin

So you would let this pug-like dog lick you on the face? Only if you are in need of nightmares.

  • Japanese Terrier

So what happened to this fella? He looks like a Dalmation being squeezed up.

  • Borzoi

Is this ugly dog like a skinny cute companion? It´s just the head. It´s so small.

  • Irish Wolfhound

If these ugly dogs are used to ward off wolves, they must be really good at it!

  • Bull Terrier

We dare you. No, we double dare you not to think of a mole rat when you look at this dog.

  • Komondor

There is something about those dreadlocks. It´s probably a big no!

  • Xoloitzcuintli

Viva México! But if I find myself walking by the plaza and one of these mutts flashes in front of me, I´d probably vomit my tacos.

  • Peruvian Inca Orchid

So, a hairless one and a Mohawk? That´s a face that only a mother can love.

  • Chinese Crested

This is probably the most popular ugly dog. He is hairless and looks like he is wearing a wig.

Here in Dogalize we believe that all dogs deserve our best care and love, irrespectively of how ugly they look. Visit us to learn great tips and trick on how to best love your pup.