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the battle cats

The Battle Cats

If you are done with all your “fun” apps on your mobile, you want to give The Battle Cats a try. This is a strategy game that will keep you busy for hours and, of course, it involves cats! Check out this game developed by PONOS for Android and iOS, and later for Nintendo 3DS.

The Game

The Battle Cats is a strategy game taking place in a 2D world. The main idea of the game is the placement of several cats to defend a base from the enemies. This base has a cannon that can be fired every time it is charged. The enemies are from different species of animals. What we love about this game is that the protagonists are the cats; they are the “good guys” too.

The game premiered in Japan in November 2011 for iOS, with a deployment to Android in December of that same year. The game was greatly popular in Japan and Korea. In 2012, an English version was developed for the iTunes store and Android but it was deleted by both stores. It was released again in September 17, 2014 where it remains to this day with over 1 million downloads.

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The Plot

The Battle Cats have actually invaded Earth. They intend to establish a new government where cats rule. They mercilessly conquer every country of the world, including the moon.

It appears that, when cats have taken over the world, they want to unlock other legendary cats from the past by traveling in time. The player is given the option to do these event stages to unlock these cats.

The Battle Cats

You can upgrade the cats as you move up levels in the game. All of them will change appearance and get new abilities in every increasing level. The cats are divided into five categories: Normal Cats, Special Cats, Rare Cats, Super Rare Cats, and Uber Rare cats. The succeeding categories can be achieved with upgrades or with cat food, which is the game´s currency.

You should give this game a try as you will find it cute. You should also visit us here in Dogalize to learn more tips and tricks about your real cat. We have plenty of resources to help you become the owner your feline companion deserves.