Give your cat the best cat house, indoors or outdoors

cat house

The best cat house for your pet

A cat house can be indoors or outdoors. Either way, we believe that your cat deserves to have a small place of his own where he can peacefully spend some resting time. Let’s take a look at all the options out there.

Stores and online

If you visit your pet store, you will probably find many options for a cat house. This is great since you can actually take your cat and compare size. Make sure that the cat has enough space to stay comfortable.

You can also search for options online. This will provide you with way more options. Just be sure to weigh out shipping costs vs getting it from your local store.

Build a cat house by yourself

This is a great option since you can customize the house to the particular needs of your cat. Best of all, you can make one from a plastic container or even from scrap lumber. Making an indoor one is even easier.

For an outdoor house, you need materials that will protect your cat from wind, rain, and cold. To do this, repurpose a tough container or use sturdy materials. The roof is very important. In the measure of the possible, make it removable in such a way that you can easily remove any dirt. If you are using a container, use the plastic lid as a roof.

Raise the house above the ground, especially if you are expecting snowdrifts or flood. This base over which you lift the house must be sturdy and safe.

Indoor cat house

An indoor cat house is a lot easier to build. You can use a styrofoam or cardboard box. You can also get some corrugated cardboard and build it yourself. Just note that if you decide to use styrofoam, it will easily be chewed out by your cat. Depending on what design you are looking for, you cut doors and add tape to secure it.

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