Why do cats knead? Here are some ideas

cats knead

Why do cats knead?

Kneading refers to the rhythmic paw-alternating movement cats do on a pliable or soft surface. As to why do cats knead, nobody seems to be sure. But there is a few ideas of why they do it. Let’s take a look at some possible reasons why cats like to knead. Cats start kneading since they are kittens. They do not do it in the same way. Some of them use their four claws and some do not even pull them out. Let’s take a look at some possible reasons why cats like to knead.

They stay kids at the heart

When kittens are born, they have to knead their way to nursing. This is done instinctively to stimulate the production of milk in the mom. So why do cats knead as adults if they will not be getting milk from it? The motion reminds them of the comfort of nursing.

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It helps them stretch

Your cat sleeps a lot more than what he stays awake. So kneading is just one way to stay limber, just waiting for the next nap.

Tough love

When your cat feels happy while you are petting him, he wants to return the affection. He will usually do this by digging his claws into your skin. The more he wants to show affection the deeper he will dig. It´s like when you hug someone you truly love with a bear hug. You can call this a claw hug.

Marking territory

Cats are territorial animals. By kneading on surfaces or on you they activate the scent glands located on their paws. They use this to mark their territory.

I´m available, baby

Kneading is another way that cats announce that they are about to go into estrus-commonly know as “going in heat“. So, this is a ritual to indicate male cats that they are ready to mate.

Cats have many unusual poses and behaviors. The above are only some reasons as to why do cats knead, but still do not provide a plausible reason. Here in Dogalize we have information on everything related to cats. Visit us and check out all the amazing resources we have for you.