Characteristics of Cat People; are you a cat person?

cat people

Cat People

We all love cats and dogs. We love them by their cuteness and their personality. But there are some people who effectively identify themselves as either “dog people” or “cat people“. This identification is indistinct of what kind of pet they have. It is mainly a term used to describe a series of personality traits.

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What are the characteristics of cat people?

When we try to define what cat people are, we find ourselves, almost inevitably, comparing them with dog people. In general, dog people tend to be more outgoing and social, whereas cat people are more sensitive and introverted. Research has shown that cat people score higher on intelligence tests than dog lovers.

A cat person is usually non-conformist, independent, thoughtful, and mysterious. On the other hand, dog people identify themselves more like extroverted and conscientious.

One interesting aspect of studies regarding this topic is that a person identifying themselves as either dog person or cat person had no connection with the type of pet they have, if any. Dog people are not able to identify any distinction between them and cat people. Cat people, on the other hand, are able to identify differences in groups.

There is no explanation as to why people develop a cat personality. Especially considering that dog people are like the default in all of us.

How to tell if you are a cat person

If you are a cat person, then you technically have the ability to identify yourself as such. You are agreeably not part of the crowd as you seek to stay away from everyone else.

  • You go to parties but not to meet people but to be with friends. In fact, you find small talk unbearable.
  • You do hear things about other people but you rarely tell other people about you.
  • When it comes to choices, you tend to change your mind a lot. This is probably because you know you deserve the best all the time.
  • You are usually open to new experiences.

It is important to note here that these characteristics have their exceptions. This means that some dog people out there can be shy and some cat people can be outgoing and fun.

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