Some cool facts about your dog paw and foot

dog paw

Dog paw and foot

It might come unnoticed but a dog paw is actually a place of many interesting things. We usually think of a dog paw as a cute design on four ovals over a smooth corner triangle. Let´s take a look at some fun and interesting facts about your dog´s paws.

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Anatomy of the dog paw

A dog paw includes bones, skin, tendons, ligaments, and connective tissue. All of this works together to give the paw its functional anatomy.

There are five basic components in a dog paw. First, there are the claws embedded in their four digital pads. The bigger pad is called the metacarpal pad. The smaller claw positioned on the outside of the leg is the dewclaw. Carpal pad is the one located on the highest part of the leg.

The digital pads and metacarpal pad work as shock absorbers and protect the joints and the bones. The carpal pads are some sort of brakes, especially on slippery floors.

Fun facts you did not know

Let’s get to the fun part now.

  • The pads are made mostly of fat tissue, which works as an insulator. This is why your dog does not get cold feet on the snow.
  • However, those pads can get burned and get blisters if the surface is too hot. Be mindful of this when you take your dog for a walk during a hot summer. Apply the 5 seconds rule: place your hand palm up on the surface of the road, if you cannot keep it for 5 seconds before it begins to hurt, then it is not safe for your pet.
  • Dog paws contain sweat glands.
  • Dog breeds for cold climates have wide and sprawling paws to give them a better grip on snow.
  • Dogs walk on their toes, unlike humans which hold most of their weight on their heels.

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