Are you ready for some dog puns? That´s Pawsome!

dog puns

Dog puns

The word “dogs” is used in many idioms to usually represent different situations. These include phrases such as “Barking dogs seldom bite” or “Give a dog a bad name”. But dog puns are even funnier. Ok, maybe they are not that funny but come on, don´t be ruff on them, all right?

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Dog puns and jokes

  • A Labrador that is seriously interested in his Science homework needs to work on his Lab Report!
  • Place Triceratops masks on two or more dogs and get ready to film Jurassic Bark. Coming to theaters soon!
  • What do you call a Retriever with a Mjölnir as a weapon? That is right, a Labrathor!
  • What do dogs eat for breakfast? Wooffles! Oh, and they like to bake them too!
  • This dog wanted to go to the zoo to see many animals but was disappointed that they only had one dog. It was his opinion that this was a Shih-Tzu!
  • What does one dog say to another when he finds them eating? Bone appetite!

Cheesy dog puns

These cheesy puns are also pretty corgi. But we are pawsitive that they will at least make you at least chuckle. We really do not expect for them to beagle your mind, but we try our best. Nah, but seriously, though, they are dog-gone punny.

  • If a problem comes your way, you simply Whippet!
  • I´m not fat, I´m just a little husky.
  • Stop trying to make fetch happen, it is not going to happen!
  • Pavlov? It rings a bell.
  • The cat got out again? Don´t worry, I´ll retriever.
  • I need to see the dentist, one of my canines is getting loose.

We might not deserve a round of apaws, but then we probably don´t live the pug life, you know what am sayin´?

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