Bobcat, interesting facts and characteristics


Interesting facts about the Bobcat

The Bobcat (Lynx rufus) is one of the cousins of our loving house cats. This feline is the most common wildcat in North America. Its habitat goes all the way from Canada to central Mexico.

Physical characteristics

The Bobcat is a relatively small wildcat. It is very similar to members of the genus Lynx but it is smaller in average. The color of his coat varies a lot. It goes from tan to grayish-brown, with some very small white and black streaks. The coat color will usually depend on the North American region they are at.

The face is characteristic, with a broad span ending in ruffs of extended hair under the ears. They are excellent climbers and will swim whenever they need to. They get their name from the bobbed tail.

When adults, bobcats average 32.3 in in body length from head to tail. An adult can reach a height of 12 to 24 inches. Males can weigh from 14 to 40 pounds and females weigh between 8.8 and 34 pounds.

Diet of the Bobcat

The main dishes in a Bobcat diet is mostly hares and rabbits. But they can also eat birds, rodents, poultry, and young pigs.


Bobcats are very territorial. These crepuscular felines walk from three hours before sunset until midnight in a very large territory. Territory is marked with urine scents and feces. Within it they have their house, which might be a hollow log, thickets, rock ledges, etc.

It is important to note that this cat is versatile and easily adapts to a different environment. Historically, the habitat of the Bobcat is the same for many years, from Southern Canada through the American border and to the center of Mexico.


They are excellent hunters so they will not be starving, not even during the winter. Female bobcats will never share their territory with other Feline while males will.

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