Happy cat: how to keep your cat happy at home

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How to keep a happy cat at home

Cats are not the most expressive ones when it comes to feelings. Or are they. A happy cat is not one that will smile like you see in animated shows. However, there are some signs that your pet will send you to let you know that he is happy.

Just like it is important to identify when your cat is sad, it is also positive to identify when your cat is a happy cat.

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How can you tell you have a happy cat

You probably know most of them but these are some of the signs that you have a well-rounded and happy cat at home. Some of them might be hard to identify so you have to have a rather strong perception.

  • The most usual way for your cat is to purr. This is their way of saying that everything is all right. Of course, cats can purr for other reasons. Sometimes they purr when they see another cat approaching. This is to indicate that everything is ok.
  • Cats associate kneading with the comfort of nursing. They will repeat this behavior to indicate that they are comfortable.
  • Tails are a very common way for your cat to express her feelings. If your cat is walking around with the tail up, it means he is happy. But if the tip twitches, it means he is really happy to see you.
  • The ears are also good indicators of a cat´s mood. If his ears are slightly projected forward, it means he is happy to see you.
  • A cat that curls up on your lap is expressing how much he trusts you and how happy he is to have you.

Things that make a happy cat

As a good owner, you should always aim to keep your cat happy. This also involves making sure he gets well when he is sad or under the weather.

  • Catify your home. This means to accommodate stuff in your house in order for your cat to roam, jump, and climb around the house.
  • Put some fresh plants or catnip for your cat in the house.
  • Get him some cat toys and spend some quality time playing with your cat.
  • Challenge his mind with puzzles and mind games. This will both be entertaining for your cat while keeping him busy.
  • Move things up around your house to keep your cat from getting bored. This will also do you some good.

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