Why the need for dog rescue in so many places

dog rescue

Dog rescue

We hear and see it everywhere and all the time. Dogs wandering the streets and roaming free with no one to be accountable for them. But why so many pets in need of dog rescue? I believe that it has many causes that we have discussed here before:

  • Dogs that were abandoned by their owners when they realized they could not raise them anymore.
  • A child who was given one and did not keep his promise of taking care of him.
  • Hunters usually abandon their dogs when hunting season is over

What is a dog rescue exactly?

Dog rescue refers to those activities that aim towards rescuing dogs from risky and life-threatening situations such as abandonment, neglect, or abuse.

A stray dog is usually the result of two dogs that were allowed to mate. Not every dog owner is responsible enough to neuter their dog. So, if a fertile female dog is allowed to wander about and is in heat, chances are that other stray dogs will follow and mate with her. This increases the number of street pets.

Other times, a dog does live in a home but is not properly taken care of. They are simply dropped to a backyard and left alone to their luck. These dogs usually experience days with no food nor shelter from rain or snow.

Then there are dogs that are being abused physically. Many dog rescue organizations have found a bit too many abused dogs.

An act of love

As you can see, in order to rescue a dog, you should actually display a love for dogs. Only then will you be conscious enough to treat these amazing animals the way they deserve.

Most of the time, dog rescue organizations thrive on donations from people who love dogs. These are people who have decided to help save a life and have the willingness to put down their efforts to offer them a better life.

What can you do?

If you are interested in getting a dog, find information about shelters in your community. Adopt one and don´t buy. If you already have a dog, make sure you neuter him. It simply makes no sense to use your dog to reproduce when there are so many stray dogs out there. You would be contributing to the overpopulation.

Here in Dogalize we care and love pets enough. If you want to seriously adopt a dog, get in touch with us and we can help you. We also have interesting information and facts to help you take care of your pet.