The nicest Cheshire Cat Costume for a party

cheshire cat costume

Cheshire Cat Costume

So you were invited to this fancy party where everyone must wear a costume. Being a cat lover and a fan of Alice in Wonderland, it stands to reason that you will be wearing a Cheshire Cat Costume. Now, there are nice and different ways of killing it.

Your style

We have to mention this because you probably should decide what style you need. If your event is a daylight one where there will be food and a drink here and there, you probably want to fancy a cute costume. This one is a beautiful dress with pink and purple stripes and a hood.

Now, if your party is more like a night event, or a Halloween party, you can probably go with this sexy Cheshire Cat Costume. This costume will definitively make you rock it at the party. More like a full bodice, it will make people go “ME-OW” all the way!

Your makeup

This is definitively an important part of your Cheshire Cat Costume. There are different styles and colors you can try to get the best Cheshire smile. Start with the eyes. Very importantly, trace a dark line around the eye line. If you are feeling adventurous, how about some green contacts? You can even find them with cat eyes design. This color should match the color of the decal around the eyes.

A pretty good Cheshire smile goes way beyond your own mouth. The design is common and pretty simple for all styles.

Miss Cheshire Cat Costume

You can bet that if there is any other one out there who loves cats just as much as you do, they will probably try to take a cat costume. But since you go above and beyond, you will turn yourself into Cheshire. Given that not many people might know who the Cheshire Cat is (Yep, believe it or not!), you might actually spend some time explaining and socializing.

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