Orange Tabby Cat, characteristics and fun facts

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Orange Tabby Cat

A tabby cat is not a cat breed. The term actually refers to cats that have a distinctive coat consisting of stripes, lines, or dots in a specific pattern, usually with an “M” on the forehead. While tabbies can be many colors, today we will focus on the Orange Tabby Cat. These cats are unique in many ways. However, they are not recognized as a breed.

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General characteristics of the Orange Tabby Cat

The thing is that we think that an Orange Tabby cat is simply adorable and huggable. Since we are talking about some fun facts, let´s start with one that, well, is not that “fun”. You see how senior black cats are the least likely to get adopted? Well, the orange tabby cat falls second in the least popular. But who could not love this huggable ball of fur?!

These are medium-sized cats with a particular tabby coat. They are usually very gentle and always willing to please.

Fun facts of the orange tabby cat

These cats are pretty special but still do not hold a place as a breed. Probably because cats from many breeds can actually be tabbies. So, to honor the place that the orange tabby cat has in our hearts, we will go on to mention some cool facts about them.

  • They are usually known as “marmalade cats” or “ginger cats“. These nicknames were given to these cats to distinguish them from the black and gray tabby cats.
  • Most of them are males. Yes, that is right. About 80% of orange tabby cats are toms. This could be an indication that the gene that codifies for coat color is closely related to gender. But the truth is that nobody knows exactly why this proportion of males to females.
  • Orange tabby cats come in four color patterns:
    • Mackerel Tabby
    • Classic Tabby
    • Ticked Tabby
    • Spotted Tabby
  • They are usually fat cats. But we are sure you picked on that from Garfield. These cats will eat everything you put before them nonstop. So you have to be careful not to overfeed them as they can grow obese.
  • As stated before, there are many breeds that include an orange tabby within their lines. We can say that pretty much any breed can have its orange tabby version.
  • The orange coat color is due to the pigmentation called pheomelanin.
  • Winston Churchill had an orange tabby cat named Tango. He was known to be fond of cats of all coat colors.

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