Samurai Pizza Cats – The Animated Series

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Samurai Pizza Cats

We love cats so much that we can´t stop looking at them on TV and anthropomorphizing them in movies, shows, anime, etc. If you are a 90s kid, you probably remember this show, the Samurai Pizza Cats!

The show is an American animated adaptation of the anime series Kyatto Nindend Teyandee, which means something like Cat Ninja Legend Teyandee. We had tons of fun watching these cats fighting against Big Cheese who plans to take over little Tokyo.

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The Plot

The Samurai Pizza Cats are three cyborg cats that work on Little Tokyo’s pizzeria. Little Tokyo is a small mechanical city with a contemporary culture combined with some feudal Japanese looks. The city is populated by cybernetic anthropomorphic animals.

Emperor Fred is Emperor to the city, but only nominally. The true responsibility of leading is in the hands of his daughter Princess Violet. The city council, which rules along with Princess Violet is led by an ambitious prime minister who is constantly plotting ways to overthrow the Emperor, Seymour “The Big” Cheese. This rat is assisted by two minions who cause more trouble than they solve: Jerry Atric and Bad Bird. This last one is the leader of the ninja crows army.

Big Al” Dente knows about Big Cheese’s plan to take over the city. Since he cannot prosecute him due to “plausible deniability”, instead he hires the services of the Samurai Pizza Cats to stop his evil plans.

The Samurai Pizza Cats

  • Speedy Ceviche is the leader of the team. As the name suggests he is especially fast. His special attack is the Cat’s Eye Slash, which is released when he wields the magical Ginzu sword. He wears a white armor and loves to pose for the camera after every victory.
  • Polly Esther is a strong female with an independent personality. Her fighting is all about love and hearts. Her projectiles are heart-shaped, her sword has hearts on the handle, and she plays the flute on her way to battle. She wears the pink and red armor.
  • Guido Anchovy is the cool guy in the team. His weapon is the Samurai Sunspot Umbrella, which fires rings, a heat beam, and can also be used as a club. This unsuccessful lady killer wears a blue armor.

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