Scaredy cat: Why you should not scare your cat

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Scaredy cat

Several weeks ago, a video showing a cat reacting unexpectedly to the sight of a cucumber became viral. Following this, many people out there wanted to prove the scaredy cat theory on their own cats. More videos of cats jumping up in the after a cucumber was placed behind them flooded the internet.

Experts then warned people against doing this since it could cause some stress on the cat. If you truly are a cat lover, you should not submit your cat to unnecessary stressful situations, especially if it is only for fun.

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Do not scare your cat

As fun as the whole cucumber thing might be, experts agree that it is not the cucumber only that does the scaring. It is the surprise element of the unexpected that makes a cat jump, run, or paw. So, any vegetable would do it.

The harm done to the cat when scaring him is that the cat undergoes a stressful situation. Since the scare is done close to his food bowl, which the cat associates with a comfort zone, it adds to his stress. Besides this, the cat could get hurt or injured due to his sudden reaction.

Signs of a scaredy cat

The following are signs that help you identify if you have a scaredy cat at home.

  • Your cat is a bit feral. This happens when a kitten is not allowed to interact with humans and, therefore, are afraid of them. A kittie that is not properly socialized will always be afraid of humans, even when they become adults.
  • They are more territorial than usual. Even with a stray cat passing by the house.
  • If a cat is constantly scared or has been abused, there is usually a trigger that will bring those memories back. It is hard to tell what the trigger is until the cat reacts to it.
  • He has become a bit more skittish. You should take your cat to the veterinarian to check if this is not a medical condition, which can happen in a scaredy cat.

How to turn  your scaredy cat into a confident kittie

A cat coming to a new home needs time adapting to a new environment and this might takes time. If this cat was abused then this process might take more time. Use the following tips to turn that scaredy cat into a confident one.

  • Go to the room where he hides. While you are there, talk to him in a soft and soothe voice so that he gets used to it.
  • Try to create a quiet environment. Loud noise from a stereo, the dog, or the kids will bring more stress to a cat.
  • Lure him out of his hiding place with treats. When he decides to come, pet him nicely.
  • When you have gained your cat’s confidence start playing with him.
  • Give him a slow blink. When your cat looks at you, slowly close your eyes and then open them again. If he returns the favor, you will have gained his confidence.

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