The Warriors Cats, the Feral cats from the Warriors novels

warriors cats

The Warriors Cats

If you love cats and you love adventure and thrills, the Warriors series is a must to you. Meet the Warriors Cats, wild cats that have organized themselves into four clans: ThunderClan, ShadowClan, WindClan, and RiverClan. These clans have been living in the forest abiding for the laws their ancestors laid down.

The author of the Warriors series is Erin Hunter, also author of the Seekers and Survivors.

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The universe

The four mentioned clans of the Warriors Cats have been sharing the forest. Thunderclan have placed themselves in the woodlands, Windclan live on the moors, Riverclan live on the lake, and Shadowland dwell around the swamp.

Although they have agreed on sharing the forest, they sometimes engage in conflicts caused by many reasons, like a member of another clan crossing the borders of another.

The Clans of Warriors Cats

  • ThunderClan. These are brave and fierce warriors cats. They always speak for what is just and are willing to break the code rules.
  • RiverClan. Considered clever and strong, these glossy and long-coated cats are the only ones that are not afraid of water. They can hunt prey from the water banks and are great swimmers, which is something that members of the other clan cannot master.
  • WindClan. These swift and loyal cats are tough and fast but also pretty sensitive and can get easily offended.
  • ShadowClan. Highly ambitious, they are always on the look for new territories to conquer. Legend hast it that the cold wind that blows in their territory makes their heart chilly, making them untrustworthy and capable of treason.
  • StarClan. All cats that die are visited by a member of the StarClan. StarClan is a spiritual clan composed of the ancestors of all clans.
  • SkyClan. This clan was introduced later in the stand-alone novel Firestar’s Quest. They are peaceful cats that were deprived of land and have been largely forgotten. Their willingness to always solve conflicts peacefully made members of the other clans consider them cowards.

The books

The Warriors series consists mainly of six subseries of six books each. These are:

  1. Warriors: The Prophecy Begins
  2. Warriors: The New Prophecy
  3. Warriors: Power of Three
  4. Warriors: Omen of the Stars
  5. Warriors: Dawn of the Clans
  6. Warriors: A Vision of Shadows

There are other stand-alone books and super editions. These books are recommended for children from 8 to 12.

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