Cat Furniture: Evoking the Feline Instinct

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Cat Furniture

When you bring a cat into your house, you must realize that there are some adjustments that you need to make in order to keep your new friend happy and healthy. Your house must be engaging and fun for your cat. This is why you need some cat furniture.

But don´t panic. You can find the best offers and deals when it comes to cat furniture. But, what do we mean with “cat furniture”, you might ask. Well, if you have lived with a cat, you will notice that, despite him being mysterious, he has predictable patterns of behavior.

For example, all cats like to scratch. Also, they love to climb trees. As for their litter, let´s just say that they are very meticulous about it.

So, we have some examples of cat furniture you must have in your home if you want to be able to happily co-exist with your cat. If you are planning on having a cat, please note that this furniture is for the cat´s own good.

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Cat trees

Cat trees have many ways of providing for a cat. First, it satisfies the necessity for climbing. Cats love to go up to high places to take a good look at the territory.

Cats also enjoy going vertical, especially when they are feeling bad. They also love their time alone, so they will go atop any of the perches and sit there quietly.

Scratching Post

Unless you want to see your walls, upholstery, and the like, then you should get a scratching post. No one is sure why cats love to scratch surfaces. Some say is an instinctive way of marking territory or maybe just relieving tension. Either way, your cat will always feel the need to scratch a surface so you really want to provide this cat furniture piece.
Let the scratching post, specially designed for that, to be go-to for the cat.

Cat hideaway

This piece of furniture can have a variety of shapes. It basically provides a space for the cat to simply go in and out at pleasure. Most of them consist of two holes which allow the cat freedom to enter and exit. This is good for your cat as he might sometimes want to be alone in a quiet place.

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