Dog groomers near me: What to consider

dog groomers

Dog groomers near me

Where can I find dog groomers near me is sometimes a complicated question. Not only finding one but one that will actually hear us. Now, before you venture into just looking for the nearest one, there are some things that you need to chew on first.

Here are five tips when you have to take “fluffy” to get himself groomed.

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Ask others

User generated content is a lot more reliable than publicity. Plus, if you really want to know about “dog groomers near me”, you will probably find better reviews from those that have the experience.

It is a good thing that a groomed pet is like a walking advertisement. Whenever you see somebody on the street walking with a dog, stop them and ask them where they got the grooming.

Contact the groomer

Once you have spotted two or three groomers, call them and make all types of questions. Of course, don´t go for the price only. Are you certified? What is your experience? Are you ok with performing non-standard grooming on a dog? Do you have any special skills with a particular dog? Are you a member of any national groomers association?

Require proper certification

A certified groomer is a guarantee that you will get a professional grooming. In some states, it is a requirement. Ask the groomer if he has a certification.

Be timely

If you are looking for a good groomer, chances are that this person will be on a tight schedule. So be patient and timely when you ask all these questions. He will probably be in the middle of a hair-drying and answering all your questions might be difficult at that moment. Call and program a time that is best to call for information.

Trust yourself

When it comes to finding the best dog groomers near you, you should trust your intuition. When you talk to your potential groomer or visit the salon, you can take in what this person is about. Trust this and don´t be afraid to change groomers until you are happy.

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