Dog Muzzle: How to use them Safely and When

dog muzzle

Dog Muzzle

A dog muzzle is many times an emotional topic as many questions regarding the dog’s well-being and comfort arise. Is it safe to wear one? Does it keep the dog from breathing? Is it a cruelty? How long can he wear a muzzle? Why does my dog need a muzzle?

We will try to briefly take you through what is up with a dog muzzle and when should your dog wear it.

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Using a dog muzzle safely

The first thing that you need to look into is why are you placing a muzzle on your dog. Some owners might feel baffled that they have to put it on their dog as they can be a hazard to everyone around them. But this does not always have to be the case.

Think of the muzzle as a step in the training and rehabilitation of your dog. Next, look for the proper size for your dog. Make sure that it is able to fit not too tight and not too snuggly.

While your dog is using the muzzle, make sure he can breathe. Remember that you should only place the muzzle when necessary and this time should not exceed 20 minutes. Always think of your dog´s safety and comfort. If you notice he is getting upset or overheated, remove it immediately.

Very importantly and ofter overlooked, is to check your emotions and your dog´s. Always keep a positive attitude in order for your dog to associate muzzling with something positive.

When should my pet use a dog muzzle?

There are moments that are appropriate for wearing a dog muzzle:

  • Whenever there is a risk of biting due to a stressful situation. This could be while traveling, when going to the veterinarian, or if he is visiting a place where there is a person that he is particularly aggressive with. Even though you trust your dog will behave well when taken somewhere, keep a muzzle with you just in case.
  • An injured dog has the potential of biting due to pain or suffering.
  • Many dogs are used to grooming, but it always a good idea to play safe, especially if the dog is not familiar with a groomer.
  • Any situation where you just want people to feel safe around other people.

Remember to always be a responsible owner and always play safe. Here in Dogalize we have amazing resources to help you care for your dog. Visit us to learn more.