Dog sitting: Basics that you need to know

dog sitting

Dog sitting

So you are dog sitting and are excited about it! One of the great feelings about dog sitting is that you get to enjoy a beautiful dog knowing that the greatest responsibilities are not yours.

But, be cautious, only because a pet looks lovely does not mean that he is huggable on sight. There are some things that you should weigh in before getting down to the job.

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Always be honest

It is important for you to do honest work. For example, if you are being paid for staying overnight, do stay overnight. Do not leave the dog alone and go out to party with friends at 10 pm and return at 2 am. Also, use the time to actually look after the dog.

However, going out briefly for a snack or something should not be a problem. But always comment on that with your client in order to clear the air and avoid misunderstandings.

Follow instructions to the letter

A dog owner knows his pet more than anyone. As you probably already know, just like people, every dog is unique. They have been raised with different standards and rules. This is why it is pivotal to your dog sitting that you follow instructions carefully.

If possible, have your client write down at least the most important things. This way, you can easily go back to it in the case of a misunderstanding.

Do not dole in new treats without owner´s permission

Since you are a professional, you know what are the types of food you can feed a dog. But that does not mean that you can come in and flaunt your dog-healthy food on this particular one. Owners will not appreciate you feeding their dog a new treat without you asking them first.

Exercise with them

Take the dog out for a walk if that is included in your dog sitting. Remember that a tired dog is a well-behaved one.

Play with them as well. You tend to grow more easily on dogs than cats, so earning their trust should be easy. Just remember not to force it or the dog might end up being afraid of you. This is one client less and you don´t want that.

Learn how to CPR a dog and other first aid procedures

If you know how to do CPR on a dog, this will come pretty handy in emergency situations. Also, know all dog emergency numbers or keep them on your phone. Make sure you include all your first aid expertise when you offer your services. This might allow you add a little more to your price, compared to what your competition is offering.

Good luck on your dog sitting adventures! Remember that here in Dogalize we have amazing resources and information along with tips and tricks on how to best take care of dogs. Visit us here to learn more.