Dog Treats; A selection of the best for your pet

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Dog Treats, the best for your dog

Who doesn´t love delicious treats from time to time? Dogs are no exception. Now, as responsible owners, we should know that they can also get a bit too many calories from them. Too many calories are not good for your dog. So, when you go to the store to get your dog treats, make sure you read and understand the nutritional facts.

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How many dog treats are enough?

There is a 10% thumb rule about how many calories should your dog get from treats and snacks. This is that they should only make 10% of the daily calorie intake of your dog. So, your dog´s total calorie intake is around 450 calories per day. Once you provide your dog the equivalent 10% of this, substract from the usual amount of food you feed your pet.

If you have doubts, ask your veterinarian. He will be able to provide a better percent based on your dog’s weight and level of activity.

Healthy dog treats to make at home

Making dog treats at home is the best option for several reasons:

  • You control what goes in the recipe so you can better place the right amount and type of ingredients your dog needs. This also allows you to provide your dog what he likes or needs based on his dietary conditions.
  • Providing a homemade treat provides your dog with a different taste from the treat you usually buy him at the store.
  • Very importantly, a homemade option is more nutritious than the dog treats you buy. Commercial treats contain preservatives to help them extend their shelf life.

So, if you have the love and time to prepare some healthy dog snacks, prepare them yourself. Your dog, as usual, will return your efforts with insurmountable amounts of love.

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