Finding the best cat carrier for your Furry Friend

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Cat carrier

Not very often, you will need to carry your kittie in a cat carrier, but there are some instances in which it might be utterly necessary. These cases could be:

  • when going to the vet for checkup or vaccines
  • to travel for an emergency
  • a short trip

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Selecting the best cat carrier

Of course, the first and most important consideration before getting the right cat carrier is the size. So, if you got yourself a kitten, make sure you get him a carrier that will hold him even when he is an adult.

Additional features on your carrier include:

  • Make sure the latches can be safely closed and that there is no risk of opening during travel. Metal nuts and bolts are safer than plastic and more recommended for long trips.
  • Some cats do best when they are placed from the top. Top-sided doors are an innovation for cat carriers and it helps those owners whose cat make a fuss when introduced head first.
  • All cat carriers must allow air to circulate through, especially if your pet is traveling in a rather small space.
  • Also, for long trips, adding a water bowl inside the carrier is a good idea to avoid dehydration in case the trip gets too long.

Types of cat carrier available

There are several types of carriers out there. Always remember that the cat carrier must be safe and easy to travel with. This rules out boxes, laundry baskets, or paper bags.

  • Cardboard carriers are temporary carriers, usually found at adoption homes to deliver a cat given in adoption. They are not recommended for permanent use as cardboard will easily break. Besides this, they are not resistant to rain, spills, urine, or any liquid or food whatsoever.
  • Hard-sided carriers are usually made of plastic. They are sturdy, durable, and very easy to clean. Once again we suggest you make sure that the size is right. This should allow the cat to stand up and move around a bit.
  • Soft-sided carriers are typically made of nylon and are lightweight. These are recommended for cats that will stay at ease.

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