What is grain free dog food, really? Discover it

grain free dog food

Grain free dog food

Grain free dog food is the current fad in pet food. Everybody is talking about it as a healthier option for our pets. But, is it really a better option? Let´s take a look at some facts.

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Why is grain free dog food considered healthier?

Proponents of this diet suggest that a diet without grains makes more room for meat, which better supplies for the protein needs of a dog. These foods also supply easy-to-digest animal fats.

The advantage of this is that it represents fewer carbohydrates, which grains have in a greater amount.

Granted, most dogs do well with a grain-free diet but if we go back, we will realize that this diet is more a response to a human preference than to actual nutritional needs of dogs. Keep in mind that, a balanced diet for your dog is one that provides nutrients in the appropriate amounts based on your dog’s particular needs.

So, if a diet has removed one thing and added more of another, it represents an unbalanced diet and your dog will ultimately suffer. Truth being said, even when grain free dog food works on many dogs, this does not mean it will work on yours. Due to the enormous variety of dog breeds, nutritional needs vary so much that there is no one-size-fits-all kind of diet.

Why the “hate” against grains?

There are two main reasons why dog owners would want to remove grains from a dogs diet. One of them is that grains contain carbohydrates. Yes, there are diets with more proteins and fewer carbs, especially for diabetic pets. But it is not safe to assume that a grain free dog food is synonym with low carbohydrate diet.

In fact, some of these grain free diets use potatoes as a substitute which have more carbohydrates than the grains they substituted.

The other reason why grain free dog food became popular is that many insist that grains are the main cause of allergies in dogs. There is no scientific evidence to back up such belief. As a matter of fact, grains such as corn are not even within the foods more likely to cause allergic reactions on your dog.

Our Advice

In Dogalize we care for the health of your pet. As stated before, we do not think there is a sole diet that works for every dog. There are different types of diets for every different type of dogs. The best you can do is ask your veterinarian. He will be able to help you tailor a diet that better fits your dog´s particular needs.

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