Home-made Cat Repellents: Safe and effective

cat repellents

Cat Repellents

Sometimes, cats have a way of messing things up. You don´t want them roaming around your yard and destroying your plants. Some cats out there are pretty feral and mean nothing but trouble. You need homemade cat repellents.

You do not get want to get violent with these cats. Instead, you want to passively get them away from your property. Check out the following homemade cat repellents. Try one and see the results.

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Vinegar Cat Repellent

You are going to need one part of vinegar, per one part of water, and one part of hand soap. Mix the water and the vinegar inside a spray bottle. Shake them well. Next, proceed with the addition of the hand soap.

Safely spray this mixture on the spots you do not want to see cats in. It can be used for outdoors and indoors.

Essential Oil Cat Repellent

For this one, you will need two drops of the following essential oils: lemon, wild orange, and lavender. The strong odor on these essential oils will help ward them off. Mix all the three oils into a spraying bottle (a glass bottle is preferred, actually).

When the oils have mixed properly add water and shake until you have a homogeneous mixture. This spray works pretty well. You do not want to spray curtains or your upholstery as oils can leave serious marks.

Garlic, Pepper, and Lemon Cat Repellent

For this type of recipe, you must be able to read between lines. Combine pepper, mustard, and cinnamon in a spray bottle. Make that 1 tsp of each. After you have mixed those ingredients, toss in a garlic clove. Next, add small drops of lemon essential oil.

Finally, mix the water and shake vigorously. This repellent can be used for indoor and outdoors. Just follow the instruction on not spraying directly on upholstery or curtains.

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