The Honor of being an Ugly Dog: World´s Ugliest Dog

ugliest dog

World´s Ugliest Dog

Yes, being an ugly dog is truly an honor! Think about it, you get recognition and even get to win contests. So, when it comes to dogs, the uglier the better. It does not happen with humans that way, now does it?
Let’s take a look at the ugliest dog our eyes have ever gazed. We have taken these dogs from the annual Sonoma-Marin Fair in Petaluma, California where the ugliest dogs from around the world gather to celebrate the beautiful ugliness.

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Judging criteria

Every ugly dog that comes to the contest has to go through the scrutiny of the judges. But you might we wondering what are the criteria used to select who is the ugliest of the ugliest.

How do you select from such ugly dogs, which one is what nightmares are made of? Some of the contestants are dogs with a malformation, stuck-out tongue, squashed faces, or with skin issues and constantly drooling.

The head judge of the contest this year, Brian Sobel, said that there are two criteria that were used to select this year´s winner. The first one is the expression on people’s faces as they look at the appearance of the dog for the first time. The second one will be the love that their owners show for their mangy mutts.

The winner this year

The main purpose of the contest is to show that no matter how ugly a dog looks on the outside, they are still loving creatures that make great additions to any home.

The winning ugly dog takes home a prize of $1,500 plus the chance to appear in national television. Usually, the winner becomes a symbol of accepting oneself just the way one is.

This year, the honor was bestowed upon Martha, a Neapolitan Mastiff. This makes her the 29th winner of the prestigious contest that took place on June 23, 2017.

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