Hunting Dogs: Engineered for hard work and stamina

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Hunting Dogs

The American Kennel Club has classified hunting dogs into a group called the Hound Group. But not all hounds are used for hunting and certainly not only hounds are hunting dogs. Their ability to sense and follow trails makes most of them great hunters.

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Characteristics of hunting dogs

Besides the obvious trait of not being obese, there are some important characteristics needed in hunting dogs in order for them to be able to perform adequately in the field. The most important, of course, is the ability to follow a trail.

Other dogs display a great stamina, needed to withstand the hardships of a long hunting expedition. Some hounds or sports have a very distinctive barking which is more like a baying. This is something you might want to weigh in before selecting your hunting mate.

The best hunting dogs

Generalizing other characteristics of hounds or even hunting dogs does not really come by as they are very diverse. Let’s take a look at some of the best hunting dogs out there. We have placed them in no particular order and the selection is not only based on sniffing power or stamina. We also consider obedience and loyalty important factors to weigh in.

  • Beagle. Of course we included this medium-sized fellow on this list. The Beagle is an icon when it comes to hunting. These energetic dogs are persistent and love going out for a good hunt.
  • Golden Retriever. When it comes to small game, these dogs are simply wonderful. They also make great family dogs as they get very well with children but are great for those hunting trips.
  • Labrador Retriever. This dog is willing to go great distances to get your hunt. It possesses large amounts of energy and is better suited for hunting ducks. Just make sure he has been well fed or he might turn game into his meal.
  • American Foxhound. You can consider this one the master of hounds. These relentless dogs hunt by scent. They can hunt foxes, deer, and anything else below that.
  • Bloodhound. These guys have parallel tracking ability like no other. Their strong noses make them pretty effective as well as ruthless.
  • Pointer. We were definitively not going to let this one out. They are perfect for collecting game in a really large field.

Getting a hunting dog that is also a great family pet is simply the best experience. You get a family pet to play with the kids, and a fearless hunter to go on expeditions with dad.

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