Cat Trees, why are they so important for your cat

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Cat Trees

One way to identify a cat owner and cat lover is by spotting cat trees. This is because they know that this piece of furniture is very important for their cats. But what is the importance of cat trees? Do they help to cat´s development? What happens if a cat does not have an indoor access to a cat tree?

The truth is that cat trees enable cats to exercise, which is very important to their general well-being.

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Why do cats love cat trees?

Just like birds love to be perched, cats also have their love for being perched at the top of a tree. Have you ever wondered why cats love to climb trees?

Cats who are outdoors like to climb trees in order to have a better and safer view of their surroundings. Also, they like to climb up in order to better spot a prey, or at least their instinct tells them to do so.

Your cat will usually climb the cat tree to stay away from the other cats in the house. So, this allows your cat to feel there is more space, which is beneficial for your kittie.

The benefits of cat trees

Cat trees are important, especially in a multi-cat environment. A cat tree with more than one perch provides each on of your cats of their own vertical space. This can help resolve territorial issues among the felines and reduce stress. Each cat is in its own space and they still have certain proximity among them, which makes them feel safe.

If the house has dogs, it is important to train the dog not to climb the cat tree. Cat trees must be associated by the cat as a place of peace and quiet. Whenever he is feeling stressed he will climb up there to be by himself. If you have little kids at home, make sure you teach them that when the cat is perched up a tree, it means he wants to be left alone.

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