Cat cucumber thing: why you should not be doing that!

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Cat cucumber thing

Probably the rage is gone by now, but since the internet is a beautiful place, we thought it would still be relevant to point it out.  Do not do the whole cat cucumber thing on your furry friend.  Since we have space, we will try to expand on why this is not a good idea.

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What´s up with the cat cucumber thing?

In case you have been living under a rock, there were some videos out there trying to prove that cats afraid of cucumbers.  Basically, they would put a cucumber behind the cat and wait for him to notice it.  Usually, the cat was eating peacefully and then he would turn to see what is behind him.

The scared cat would then jump up in the air, knock things off, and run away.  So it appears that cats and cucumbers do not get along well.  Once one person published the first cat cucumber thing, it went viral and people went crazy try to prove cats afraid of cucumbers.

Why are cats afraid of cucumbers?

It turns out that cats are not really afraid of the cucumbers particularly.  The truth is that what makes a scared cat is the sudden appearance of an object that was not there.  Cats are easily impressed and as a reaction, they jump!

So, it could be any object that you place behind them.  If it was not there and then it magically appears, the cat will react scared and jump his soul away.  So there is not really a cats and cucumbers situation; it´s merely a cat reaction to the unknown.

Why shouldn’t you scare your cat?

This is a pretty dumb thing to do, to say the least.  You are actually emotionally affecting these “cats afraid of cucumbers“.  A cat that is being scared can suffer mental issues and be always unnecessarily alert.  They will lose trust in humans and could turn out feral.

Besides this, a jump scare can hurt your cat.  Love your furry friend and help him develop the best way possible.  In Dogalize we can help you with tips and tricks on how to take better care of your feline friend.  Contact us for more information.