You need to read this if you are Planning on Breeding Dogs

breeding dogs

Breeding Dogs

This is how it usually goes with breeding dogs. An owner loves his dog so much that he wants to duplicate him. If it is a purebred, they look for a member of the same breed and they cross them. Once the puppies are born, they distribute and sell them and make a profit. Unfortunately, though, most of these owners are not clearly aware of all the implications of dog breeding.

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Planning on breeding dogs? Inform yourself first

Consider that dog breeding should be done responsibly and with a complete knowledge of your breed. It is an expensive process since you have to invest on caring for a pregnant mother and then caring for the puppies that will be born. Besides this, if you do not really know what you are doing you could even incur into ethical issues by passing on genetic disorders to more dogs.

So, a responsible breeder will run tests on both dogs to be crossed. Taking care of the puppies after delivering not only requires expenses but time also. But even if you do take all the possible measures for a successful breeding, there are still chances of something going wrong. Do you believe you have what it takes? If you think it is just about crossing two dogs like wild animals, then you should probably leave it to professionals.

Breeding dogs to Improve

According to the AKC, the motto of a breeder should be “Breed to Improve” and not to increase the population of dogs. There are already way too many dogs in kennels, adoption homes, and on the streets.

Examine your dog and identify his flaws. If you still decide to go with the breeding, then find a mate that will balance these flaws of your dog. Do you really want to breed puppies that will have serious genetic defects?

In order for you to know how well your purebred qualifies as a quality dog is to compare it with others. Go to dog shows and see how your dog measures up against those that are closest to the standards.

Understand the commitment of breeding dogs

Having a litter of puppies can be a handful! It is a full-time job. For the first two weeks, the mother will usually take care of her young. However, complications such as a dam with no milk or even an orphaned litter may arise.

When puppies are weaned, there are even more work! You have to feed them, clean them, and keep them clear of pests. That along with grooming, training, and veterinary costs is a lot.

There are so many other aspects to be considered before you decide to breed dogs. Here in Dogalize we prefer to leave dog breeding to professionals. We might always suggest you adopt instead of buying puppies. Visit us here to learn about all the amazing resources we have for you and your pet.