Atom Cats Garage: From the Fallout Series

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Atom Cats Garage

For those of you Fallout fans out there, the Atom Cats Garage might sound familiar to you.  This is a location that appears in the Commonwealth in the year 2287.  This building, formerly a Rocket Station, has been occupied by the Atom Cats, a gang with expertise in armor modifications.

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The Atom Cats

The Atom Cats are a small faction dedicated to power armor.  They get Gunners and raiders always trying to steal their suits, which is why they are always under pressure.

One of their members, Duke is found roaming throughout the Commonwealth.  After interacting with the Sole Survivor he will point the Atom Cats Garage on their map.

The origin of The Atom Cats is uncertain as is how they got their arsenal of power armor suits.  They get heavy guns from scavengers.  They buy a significant amount of T-60 power armor and some T-45s and T-50s.

During the game, The Atom Cats offer a set of power armors to buy, as well as a membership upon completion of a mission to repair the pump at Warwick homestead.

The Background of the Garage

Once the Cats had settled, they started the Atom Cats Garage, specializing in power armor.  The garage features a power armor station for repairs, mods, and swapping parts.

Very noticeable is the access to a T-60 power armor.  These cats have a goldmine for power armor and accessories.

The loot

The Atom Cats Garage has some interesting heat going on in that garage.  The  most noticeable pieces of the loot include:

  • Power armor frame. This one is kept inside the garage.  It is only used for combat if a Gunner attacks.
  • Atom Cats T-60 power armor.  Two laser tripwires in the far behind.  With two sets of power on the same frame, the second set will disappear when one enters the frame.
  • Unarmed Bobblehead. It is an ornament on top of a car in the main building.

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