Cat costumes: the best ones for Halloween

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Cat costumes

It still might be two months away but if you want to be ready for Halloween, then you should start browsing through cat costumes.  Let´s take a look at some ideas for Halloween costumes featuring our feline friends.

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Some cat costumes ideas for Halloween

This might not be what we are talking about here but you can also dress your cat for a disguise adventure or to take him trick or treating.  Because, why not? We love our cat like that too.

Some ideas on the best cat costumes:

  • Little girls can be dressed in an all black dress and a tutu.  Paste a tail on the back, some cat ears, and some makeup and she is ready to go.
  • You can go beyond a domestic cat and try a wild cat.  How about dressing like a lion, a cheetah, or a puma?
  • A pretty chic dress with a big white fluffy bib, and red ribbon, and the Cat in Hat is a really cute option.
  • Try turning into an exotic cat.  Paint your face and slim clothes with alternating pink and purple lines.  Add like colored ears and a huge fluffy tail and you are good to take that bucket.
  • The makeup for a cat is very important.  The main areas are around the eyes, the nose, the mouth, and the whiskers.

Sexy cat costumes

Maybe you are not thinking of going out for a trick or treat but instead, you want to try some sexy lingerie.  For those wild women out there, you can get yourself some sexy cat wear.  A short black dress, a tail, ears, and a hot makeup is all a girl needs to look on their best cat costume.

Of course, you can try the whole Catwoman design, because why not?  These type of cat costumes usually come with a bodice-type leather design.

Make your own cat Halloween costumes

If you are on a budget, your best option is doing it yourself.  Luckily for you, making your own cat costume is a breeze.  Technically, all you need is clothes that stick to your body, usually, black and leather, a tail you can attach, some cat ears, the best makeup and you can get going as a cat.

Here in Dogalize we love cats and we also love looking like them.  We have plenty of information about cats, cat life, cat care, and much more.  Visit us and contact us in case you have any question.