Cat Tower: the best one for the Lucky Cat

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Cat Tower

Cat towers come in a variety of styles and designs.  But then you should choose the one that best adapts to your house and to your cat.  Today we will go through the main characteristics of a good cat tower and what should the one specifically for your cat should look like.

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Characteristics of a Good Cat Tower

Let’s now go over the characteristics that make this climber a good one.  I believe that the main characteristic of your tower should be that it must be likable to your cat.  You see, to a cat, any furniture is good furniture to scratch.  So, if you make this cat tower more appealing and train him properly, he will be able to make the transition much faster.

Basically, a really good tower must include at least the following parts:

  • a scratching post
  • one cat bed
  • a cat perch
  • a cat tree (this is where the cat sleeps)

A scratching post is essential since cats need to be scratching in order to keep their nails short.  Moreover, the bed should be comfortable and the place quiet, clean, and dry.  This is very important for your cat.

A good perch is also important because after scratching everything all over the way, the one thing he loves the most is climbing high.  You know, to “assess” the situation around the house from a high top.


The Best Cat Tower for my House

Depending on what your house looks like, you pick your cat tower.  If the section of your house where you would like to keep the cat does not have too much space, then consider a smaller size of the tower.  If the ceiling is short, it would be better if it went all the way up there.

Obviously, always keep the tower clean, including the bed and the perch.  Cats love a clean space, even when they did not pay for it.

The Best Cat Tower for my Cat

If you notice that your cat likes to scratch a lot, focus on your tower’s scratching pole, go there.  Your cat likes to sleep a lot?  He will find heaven when he sees that beautiful bed you have set up for him.

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