Bill the Cat: The successful repulsive cat

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Bill the Cat

Bill the Cat is a fictional character appearing in the works of cartoonist Berkeley Breathed. It started with the comic strip Bloom County in the 1980s and then continued on in Outland and Opus in the decades to follow.

Bill has also appeared in some of Breathed’s illustrated children´s books.

Basically, the character was inspired by one of Breathed´s teachers, an economist named Bill Moore.  This teacher was an assistant at the University of Texas at Austin but he was wide eyed and one-legged.

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Bill the Cat and Garfield

More commonly than not, Bill the Cat is seen as a parody of Garfield.  Actually, Milo Bloom (a fictional character from Bloom County) has feared a visit from the United Feature Syndicate’s copyright lawyers regarding Bill’s similarity with Jim Davis’s Garfield.

In the Facebook version of the comic on December 22, 2015, it was revealed that Bill is Garfield´s son.


Born an illegitimate son of Garfield, Bill was raised in Dubuque, Iowa but he then left his girlfriend Sally behind and moved to New York, seeking to become a film star.  During the time when he acted, including some leads, he drank a lot and used illegal drugs.  His friends helped him recover.

In 1983, Bill crashed his car on a cactus at 140 miles per hour, dying instantly.  The only thing that could be recovered from his body was his tongue.  Young genius Oliver Wendell Jones used it to clone Bill.

There are many stories portrayed by this character.  He ran for the presidency, became and unintelligible rock star, was accused of treason for sending secrets to the Soviet Union. Moreover, he parodied many evangelists of the time, and most recently, had his brain replaced with that of Donald Trump.

Personality of Bill the Cat

Actually, Bill the Cat does not speak. Due to him regularly choking on hair balls, his most frequent spoken sentiments are “Ack!” and “Thppt!”.

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