Can Dogs Eat Oranges? let’s find out if they can

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Can Dogs Eat Oranges

If your dog finds you eating a fresh orange, he will definitively ask you for some.  But, can dogs eat oranges?  Dogs are not always all about meat.  Some of them even go crazy for a good piece of fruit.  Feeding your dog some natural sweetener along with fiber is not a bad idea.

When it comes to feeding oranges to dogs, the answer is yes but in moderate amounts. Giving them a bit for them to try it is not bad at all.  Let´s take a look at some of the benefits of orange and why can dogs eat oranges.  We will also take a look at some of the downsides that might come with it.

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Can Dogs Eat Oranges? Yes, But in Moderate Amounts

According to veterinarians, the sugar in oranges is not a problem.  They are not really poisonous but when it comes to such an acidic fruit, you must be careful.

As you probably already know, fruits should not be fed to dogs in large amounts.  This is especially true for oranges.  Granted, the fruit contains Vitamin C, potassium, and some other nutrients for your dog.  However, it is the citric acid part that does not help.

So, maybe a bit of orange just for your dog to have a small treat might be ok.  Just don´t make it part of his regular diet.  An orange juice can easily be a cause of diarrhea in a dog.

Benefits of Oranges for dogs

Oranges have the benefit of vitamin C, but it does not really matter for a healthy dog because most of it will get dissolved.  Dogs produce their own vitamin C, which is enough to meet their needs.

However, in some cases, dogs might not be able to produce enough vitamin C, especially those who walk or exercise a lot.  These dogs will be highly benefited from the additional vitamin C.

The Pith

The pith is the whitish center of the orange, the one that you would not eat.  This fibrous part of the orange is actually pretty healthy for your dog.  You can still share your orange with your best friend, after all!


In conclusion, we recommend trying to avoid oranges altogether.  Your dog can perfectly live without it.  Granted, they are not poisonous or hazardous but if you are not careful about the amount, you can wind up causing health issues on your dog.

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