Can Dogs eat Strawberries? Let’s find out!

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Can Dogs eat Strawberries?

Figuring out which fruits you can feed your dog can get confusing.  Now, as a permanent tag on you, grapes and raisins is a big no-can-do.  Now, can dogs eat strawberries?  Well, yes!

When the season comes, new fruits sprout and we incorporate them into our diets.  We can incorporate them into our dog´s diet too.

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So what´s up with strawberries

Strawberries are this sweet fruit that is not even within the berry family.  But we will not discuss that right now.  Or mention why is it called that.  But one thing that you have probably noticed is the many seeds the fruit has embedded in the core.

Each one of those seeds represent a flower. So, a strawberry is a fusion of many flowers into one tasty nature snack.  When you ask yourself, “can dogs eat strawberry”, your answer should be yes.

Dogs will be thankful if you feed them some of this fresh fruit.  Just like with any other nutritious fresh fruit, strawberries will help keep your dog healthy.   When your dog is aging, fruit helps with weight management and boosts the immune system.

The best way to feed them

So now that you know can dogs eat strawberries, you should know that the first thing before feeding them is to remove the leaves.  It is also better if you cut it into small pieces.  For puppies and small dogs, you can smash them and include them in the bowl with their regular food.

We still recommend you talk to your veterinarian before feeding berries to your pup.  Just in case your dog has any condition of predisposition to the fruit.  You can never be too safe.  Start giving them cautiously and observe any reaction.  If you see any adverse reaction, stop providing them immediately.

Strawberries you cannot feed your dog

Only feed your dog fresh fruits.  Canned strawberries or in syrup are not recommended for your dog.  So, as another answer to “can dogs eat strawberries?”, only fresh ones. Preservants in those foods plus the extra amount of sugar will harm your dog. So, be careful.

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