Cat paw: some interesting curiosities about it

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Cat paw

Probably the first impression you get when you see a tiny cute cat paw is “awww”.  Yes, they definitively are cutely designed for more than just being cute.  Let’s take a look some interesting facts about your cat’s paw.

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Cats walk on their tiptoes

You have seen them walk but you have probably never noticed that cats actually tiptoe. This is an instinct trait that obeys to the fact that walking on their tippies increases the odds for a good hunt by boosting speed and lengthening the strides.  Also, this makes them quieter, making it harder for prey to detect them.

The cat paw is sensitive

Cat paws are very sensitive.  This could explain why cats like them being rubbed.   They contain large receptors that make the pads pretty sensitive. Thanks to these receptors, cats are able to feel pressure, texture, and even vibrations through their cat paw.  This helps them evaluate the proximity of their prey.

On the other hand, this extra sensitivity also makes them vulnerable to heat, pressure, and pain.  These pads are not insulated and can be easily harmed with extremes of temperature or pressure.

The cat paw is flexible

The ability that cats have to climb trees is given by the fact that the front paws can bend in order to dig the claw against the surface.  This aids stability and provides a push for cats to continue going upward.

Descending from the tree is another story.  Cats will back down trees because the claws would be projected in the wrong direction.  Besides this, front legs and paws are weaker than hind legs, which is why cats get stuck atop trees.

Shock absorbers

Paw pads absorb the shock caused by landing and reduces sound.  Also, cats can move swiftly and silently.

Cat Paws Sweat

Cats have an extra cooling system on their paws to help them during especially hot days. The little paws sweat when they are under stress or frightened.

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