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Cat Paw Print

When it comes to cuteness and decor, nothing beats a nice cat paw print.  The popular picture is beautiful and goes pretty much everywhere. Today, there are many ideas on what it looks like.  Let´s take a look.

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The Cat Paw Print Design

The cat paw print and the dog paw print are not really that different.  When it comes to design, they are actually very similar.  In some cases, the difference lies in the claws placed on the toes in the case of cat paws.

But basically, the concept is pretty simple.  The big oval-like shaped on the bottom with the four pads on the top.  They are representative of the footprints left by a cat, especially after he has stepped on paint.

Get them stickers!

Of course, the design of the cat paw print had to be on stickers.  They are pretty handy to stick on your notebook or on any surface where you want people to see how fond of cats you are.

A set of nice cat paw print stickers makes the perfect gift for cat lovers.   They are simply cute representations of our feline friends, so why not wear them with pride?

Draw it yourself

You do not have to get them on stickers, necessarily.  You can make your own design, drawn by hand,  It is not really that difficult,

Next time you want to send a note to that cat-loving girl you have a crush on, a pair of cat paws would be on point.  Or you could use them to nicely decorate the first page of your notebook.

Just let creativity take you.  We are sure that the cat paw print will look nice anywhere you place it.  Except for walls in public places, maybe…

 Other objects

This design is so popular, you can find in other applications.  You can find it on earrings, pendants, rings, feeding bowls, and pretty much anywhere.  The print looks nice, and whatever you get a cat lover for their birthday or Christmas, make sure it has the cat paw on it.  They’ll love it!

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