Dog Silhouette: a nice way to Decorate your Space

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Dog Silhouette

Show your visitors how much you love your dog!  A very nice dog silhouette is the perfect decoration for any spot in your house.  Bring in your love for dogs through the best silhouette.

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Why a dog silhouette?

A dog silhouette is a simple shadow drawing of a dog.  The most widely used is one where the dog is sitting and usually with their mouth up.  Like if they are expecting something from their owner.  If you search, you can find a dog silhouette for pretty much any dog breed.

This art is really simple and easy to identify.  It can be used as an identifier for any dog-related event.  It is really hard to confuse with any other art.

Some ideas

A nice silhouette is one that you can use or even wear at any occasion.  If you plan on placing it on your garment, it can make a perfect combination with any casual look. Producing the art yourself is not too hard.  Just take a picture of your dog while sitting down.

This task is definitively not a simple one.  If your dog sees you squatting down to take a pic, he will most probably interpret it as you wanting to pet him. So maybe you actually want somebody else to take the photo while you command your dog to sit.

Put that photo on a photo shop and you got yourself a nice art of your very own dog.  It is time to sport it!

Put it on a sticker and stick it on your notebook.  Put it on an embroidery or sew it to that denim jacket or jeans.  There are so many exciting things you can do with your own dog´s silhouette!

Take a dog silhouette with you

Since you love your dog and you want everyone to know, how about also placing it on your school bag?  Or you can also have it printed on your morning cup. The possibilities for you to take it everywhere are endless.

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