Dog Pound: A brutal confinement situation

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Dog Pound

Well, we love dogs, don´t we?  Now imagine having lots of them confined in a space.  The amount of space is not really relevant.  But many times, this place can be crowded. This is what a dog pound looks like.

A dog pound consists of stray and abandoned dogs, most of them shortlisted for execution.  Now picture a bunch of human inmates in a prison, some of them on death row, being brutal to each other.  This is what the movie Dog Pound is about.

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The Plot

Three friends, teenage boys, Butch, Davis, and Angel are sent to a juvenile detention center in Montana.  Butch, the main character of the movie is imprisoned for beating and blinding a police officer.

Once inside as inmates, Goodyear, one of the prison officers urges the guys to abide by the rules so they can quickly get out into a second chance outside.  But this quickly becomes difficult when bullies Banks, Eckersley, and Looney attack them.

Butch is sent to confinement when he refuses to reveal the names of his attackers.  When he gets out, he seeks revenge and saves the worst for chief bully Banks.  The savage beating on Banks makes him rank as one to be feared and provides temporary protection to his mates Davis and Angel.

But then things go bad again and Angel gets in a fight with Goodyear and dies. Consequently, Butch is sent back to confinement and Davis is raped by Eckersley and Looney.

Later on, Buth starts a riot at the prison, tries to escape, but is caught by the prison officers.


The cast of this Canadian film includes names not too well known in the industry.

  • Adam Butcher as Butch
  • Shane Kippel as Davis
  • Mateo Morales as Angel Ortiz
  • Slim Twig as Max
  • Taylor Poulin as Banks
  • Dewshane Williams as Frank
  • Lawrence Bayne as Officer Goodyear
  • Trent McMullen as Officer Sands
  • Jeff McEnery as Loony
  • Bryan Murphy as Eckersley

Reception of Dog Pound

Dog Pound is an intense rated R movie due to violence and graphic scenes of nudity and rape.  However, it does have a rate of 65% in Rotten Tomatoes and a 7.0/10 rank in the Internet Movie Database.

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