Dog Halloween Costumes: a few ideas for your little friend

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Dog Halloween Costumes

Halloween is almost around the corner and you are probably thinking of what you will be wearing for the night of witches, goblins, and tormented souls.  But what about your pooch?  He wants to go trick-or-treating too.  We have some dog Halloween costumes ideas for you to consider.

How about this time you get to the store and find your dog the most awesome dog Halloween costume?

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Test your Dog

But before you get too excited about your princess wearing that princess’s costume, make sure she is excited too.  Not all dogs like to even wear clothes so you might want to go slow on that one.

If you have never dressed your dog before and plan on dressing him up like a lion on Halloween, you will stress him unnecessarily.  It will truly be a hell of a night for him.

Start by putting him a small bandana and see how he reacts.  If he seems fine, let him test the waters.  If he gets used to it, then go on with a light shirt. It does not have to be one specifically for dogs, just something that fits comfortably and snuggly.

Also, consider the weather.  Dogs have a naturally thick coat. If it is summer and your dog starts panting excessively, you should opt out.

Some Cute Ideas

Ok, so now go for some ideas on how to dress your dog.  When it comes to dog Halloween costumes, the sky seems to be the limit.  There are costumes of spiders, lions, Hobbits, or Ewoks.

If you are feeling superhero-ey, try some of your favorite characters.  Instead of a cute princess then, go for the brave Wonder Woman.  To give it a strong game, dress him up like SuperMan or Thor.

Do it Yourself

Are you on budget and can’t buy one. There are some dog Halloween costumes that are not hard to do.  Find some simple, yet spectacular designs.  You don´t even need to be a tailor or a seamstress, just a little dedication.

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