Nature Cat: the Educational adventure for the Little Ones

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Nature Cat

Nature Cat is an animated American/Canadian educational series for children.  It follows the adventures of four main characters: Fred the House Cat (Nature Cat), Hal the Dog, Daisy the Bunny and Squeeks the Mouse.

The show premiered on PBS Kids on November 25, 2015.  Basically, the show is an educational series aimed at children aged 3-8 years old.

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Plot of Nature Cat

The series follows the story of Fred, a housecat who dreams of exploring the outside.  When his family leaves for the day, he becomes Nature Cat and goes into to his backyard exploring nature.  Basically, the only problem with Fred is that him being a house cat, does not have nature instincts.

Through all the learning adventures, children are encouraged to engage with nature to develop a better understanding of it.

Main characters

  • Fred (voiced by Taran Killam from SNL) is the main character who transforms into his alter ego Nature Cat when his family leaves home for the day. In this form, his clothes are all green. He then leads his three animal friends using his trademark expressions, “tally ho!” and “onward and yonward“.
  • Hal the Dog (voiced by Bobby Moyniham from SNL) is a happy and loyal character.  He is this sweet dog that is usually unaware of dangers and is always willing to follow Nature Cat on all his adventures.
  • Squeeks the Mouse (voiced by Kate McKinnon from SNL) is the smallest of the four characters.  She usually stays on task, is a bit sassy but always excited for adventure.
  • Daisy the Bunny (voiced by Kate Micucci) is usually carrying a cell phone to assist her with information on nature.  She is meant to be the voice of reason in the group but is also willing to venture with Nature Cat.
  • Ronald the Cat (voiced by Kenan Thompsom from SNL) is some sort of nemesis.  He lives in the backyard next door. Moreover, he is arrogant and very aware of his appearance.


On its debut in November, the series reached an audience of about 3.7 million viewers.  As of March, the show had an audience of nearly 69 million video streams on online platforms.  It is currently undergoing its episode number 30 with more to come in September 2017.